We’re back with another House raffle! This time we’re offering 3 individual properties all at once… so one lucky person will walk away with 3 unique properties all for the price of one ticket!

The properties are all located in the beautiful town centre of Bristol. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own 3 properties mortgage-free and be on your way to becoming financially free. We will also be covering all of the costs associated with acquiring the properties – no gimmicks no games!


The entry for the prize draw is £3 per ticket. That’s 3 properties for the price of 1 ticket!

You will be required to answer a question correctly in order to be entered into the draw.


The closing date for our prize draw is on October 27th 2021 at 11:59 pm GMT. The winner will be drawn electronically and in the presence of a solicitor. The winner will then be contacted on October 28th 2021 at 07:00 pm GMT by email and telephone.

We hope to sell around 200,000 tickets to completely cover the cost of the legal fees and the stamp. However, if this amount is not reached, the winner will be offered 70% of the ticket receipts instead – still a life-changing amount of money!


In cohesion with our raffle, we will also be making a donation to Evelina London Children’s Hospital charity.

This charity is close to our hearts and helps over 95,000 children and young people to live a wonderful life by providing essential child and family orientated care. This donation will be being made whether we hit our target or not.


The lucky winner will become the rightful owner of 3 apartments located in Bristol town centre. All 3 properties have been recently renovated to a quality standard finish and the location provides access to the best of what Bristol has to offer

Whether you wish to live there, rent out or even sell them on, the choice is yours. Winning all 3 properties will present an opportunity of a lifetime and give you the lucky winner the chance to secure yourself onto the property ladder


Bristol town centre is a place rich with cultural heritage and encompasses a range of everything, from art to history to sports to theatre. It is a location that is suited for anyone with any interest – it is an all-rounded city that caters for all.

Obtaining properties here would be an excellent venture and filled with opportunities, whether that be for yourself or a potential tenant.


Bristol town centre is also rich with educational facilities and schools. From primary schools to secondary schools, and even arranged transport if necessary, from perfect pick up spots in the city.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime and we are so thrilled to put this out there and potentially change the life of someone else. Why not give it a go?


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