Tramway Path Are Giving Away Property In The UK

Win a house with Tramway Path

Do you want to win a house? Tramway Path is giving away property in the UK and it could be yours! Just follow our simple steps and you could be the lucky winner. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has always wanted to own their own home, but never thought they could afford it. So what are you waiting for? Here's everything you need to know about property giveaway company Tramway Path.

Imagine Being Able To Win A Home

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own home? Perhaps you've always wanted to decorate your own apartment, and put your stamp on your own city-centre pad? Well, thanks to property giveaway team Tramway Path, the dream could now come true and without you spending a small fortune on buying a home.

Competitions to win a house are a wonderfully unique way to get onto the property ladder and without going through the long and stressful process of saving up for a deposit, searching for an affordable property, speaking to a mortgage lender and the legal work involved with placing an offer and exchanging contracts. Phew, even talking about it is tiring right! Imagine being able to fast-track your way from renting or living with relatives to putting the key in the door of your very own home!

Well, let us introduce you to Tramway Path! Set up with the aim of helping people realise their property-owning dreams, this remarkable property giveaway company runs competitions in which entrants have to pay an entry fee. Tramway Path has helped people all over the UK win their dream homes, and the next lucky winner could be you!

Win a house with Tramway Path

Property Giveaway Company - Tramway Path

3 brothers in the UK have come together to empower potential homeowners by running competitions to win a house. Brothers, Will, Jason and Dan Twenefour saw an opportunity in the property market to help people achieve their dream of owning a home. So, how does this property giveaway concept really work we hear you say!

How Does It Work?

Tramway Path source properties from prospective property sellers hoping to sell their homes and conduct the process of putting it up as a prize in a competition. Tramway Path is making owning a home in the UK a real possibility for professionals and families across the country.

To enter a property giveaway competition with Tramway Path, all you need to do is go to their website and follow the steps to enter. You will then be able to purchase tickets for the property giveaway draw, with each ticket costing as little as £2. Just remember the more tickets you have, the higher your chances are of winning a property.

The properties that Tramway Path give away are all located in the United Kingdom. They have a wide range of different properties on offer, from one-bedroom flats to large family homes. Tramway Path also recommends property management services, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to own your own home, Tramway Path is definitely worth checking out. With their easy entry process and wide range of properties on offer, they’re giving everyone a chance to win. Does this all sound too good to be true! Well, Tramway Path were recently part of a Channel 4 documentary.

Win a house with Tramway Path

My £2 Dream Home - Channel 4 Documentary

Tramway Path was featured in a Channel 4 documentary called My £2 Dream Home. The programme followed some of the stories of people who had entered Tramway Path competitions and were waiting to see if they would be the lucky winner.

The documentary gave an exclusive insight into how Tramway Path works, showing viewers how the company sources, promotes and then gives away properties. It also followed some of the Tramway Path team as they went about their work, including Dan, who came up with the idea of raffling off a house he was struggling to sell.

After buying an investment property while engaged, Dan found that the wedding costs were starting to rack up. And feeling the financial pressure of paying for the wedding, Dan thought about renovating, refurbishing and flipping the property in order to cover his wedding costs. But, that was during 2020, when the global pandemic really took hold of the world, making it extremely challenging to sell homes. Add Brexit into the mix and despite his best efforts, Dan couldn’t find a buyer. But that's when Dan and his finance Ester took a home they couldn’t sell into a competition they could. Leveraging Ester’s social media influence, the couple launched their very first property giveaway competition online. And after the success of their first competition to win a house, with an impressive response online and a call for more competitions to go live, Dan brought in his two brothers to launch Tramway Path.

Shaking up the UK property market, the brothers explain that in the UK, it’s no longer possible for the average 20 something to own their own home, with the average first-time buyer now well over the age of 30. And if you're from an ethnic minority, the odds are really stacked against you. Now the three brothers from South London hunt for perfect homes in the UK, and convince property owners to take part in their property giveaway competition and continue to change the lives of people across the country.

And if you'd like to learn more about the company hosting competitions to win a house, you can still check out My £2 Dream Home here available on Channel 4 - All4 until 26th May 2022.

Win a house with Tramway Path

Tramway Path- Property Giveaway Success Stories

Now, we're sure you're interested in hearing about the success stories of Tramway Path, right! Here are 4 lucky winners and their stories!

1: NHS Midwife Now Owns A Property Portfolio

NHS midwife Sade Oluwaleimu won not 1 but 3 apartments in Bristol city centre worth a whopping £500k in total. Sade said, "I was in shock, I'm still in shock. I just couldn't believe it when they called to say I'd won". Tramway Path has completely changed Sade's life and she is now the proud owner of three mortgage-free properties, after taking part in a £3 raffle. Bagging herself such an incredible prize, Sade overnight became a landlord with her brand new property portfolio! Each apartment features a chic decor, and modern appliances and is beautifully presented in a neutral design, meaning Sade can move in immediately or even rent out the apartments.

2: Student Wins Financial Freedom

Priscilla M also won a 2 bedroom apartment in Grays (Essex) worth £290k. While struggling to make ends meet while at university, Priscilla decided to take part in a £2 property giveaway raffle. The 22-year-old now owns a two-bedroom apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows, with two balconies that will generate over £1,200 in rent a month. Stunned after learning she had won, the graduate is now set up financially for life. To really make the most of her prize, Priscilla chose to remain living at her family's home in order to save the money she'll make in rental income for her future. A smart move indeed!

3 Single Mum Cynthia Kanyua Wins A 3 Bedroom Apartment

Single mum and NHS therapist Cynthia Kanyua won a 3 bedroom apartment in Whyteleafe worth £425k thanks to Tramway Path. After spending £80 on raffle tickets for a property giveaway competition, the 36-year-old occupational therapist will never need to worry about paying rent or meeting mortgage payments again. Cynthia will be swapping social housing for a recently refurbished 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in a leafy village.

4: Iriesha D Wins A 2 Bedroom Worth £320K

Finally, Iriesha D won a furnished 2 bedroom apartment in Whyteleafe 2 worth an impressive £320k. The property giveaway winner was announced on Christmas Eve, which changed the life of Iriesha D forever. Spanning over 780 sq ft, this luxury home features high ceilings and was presented fully furnished.

Win a house with Tramway Path

You Can Win A House With Tramway Path

Now is your chance to join the above lucky property giveaway winners! Tramway Path has a new and currently live property giveaway competition that for as little as £2 you too can be part of.

This time the three brothers from South London are now giving away a luxury two-bedroom apartment worth over £300K. So if you'd like to be financially free in 2022, all you need to do is purchase a ticket online. Tramway Path makes it possible for anyone to win a property, no matter their financial situation!

By using a random number generator, Tramway Path ensures that their property giveaway competitions are fair, unbiased and give everybody a chance at becoming a winner. So, if you could see yourself relaxing in this stylish two-bedroom apartment, there is only one thing left to do! Head online and enter the live competition to win a house in the UK. The closing date for entries is on 27th May 2022 at 11:59pm, and the winner will be drawn electronically in the presence of a solicitor and notified by email and telephone on 28th May 2022 at 8:00pm.